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Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre Aberdeen

About Us

At Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire 'our business is your possibilities!'


Possibilities is committed to providing access to affordable high quality independent professional psychotherapy and relationship counselling in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire.


The Possibilities Therapy Team have been handpicked to provide services that don't just sound good, but actually get results.


We aim to offer you the kind of help you need in order to overcome difficulties, address issues, improve psychological health and well-being and develop a richer and more meaningful life. A life full of challenges, obstacles, amazing possibilities and opportunities.


We believe that it is not just a matter of trying to live a life that is free of suffering but much more about of living a life that is worth suffering for: a life worth living.


We can help you enhance your well-being, overcome your fears, awaken the emotional richness inside you and help you feel more intimately connected to your life and relationships, including your relationship with yourself and what matters to you.


We're here to help expand what is possible: for you, for the ones around you..... for the world.


Come and see why we are so excited about Possibilities psychological therapies in Aberdeen and how we can make a positive difference in your life.


Feeling stuck or in a crisis or break-down. This can also be viewed as an opportunity for a 'break-through', an interval of possibility, a potential stepping stone toward healing and growth. Amazingly, there are usually remarkable possibilities waiting for you within each challenge you face.


At Possibilities Therapy Centre we can help you overcome the obstacles and move toward, rather than away from, what is important to you...... but only if you want to go in that direction.


If you just need our support and time for guided reflection, that is equally important, and we can offer that too.


Embracing life frequently means discovering and embracing your challenges as well as your potential and possibilities. Once you begin embracing these, new opportunities often perculate through.


Please contact Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director,

tel: 07593768129

or email (please click on link): info@aberdeentherapy.com

to arrange an

initial consultation.


We're here to help you on your way, at your own pace, as best we can.


"There are so many gifts still unopened from your birthday." Hafiz.


"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world." Anne Frank.

Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre, Aberdeen is accessible from Aberdeen, Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Inverurie, Stonehaven, Ellon, Portlethen, Montrose, Arbroath, Forfar, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Moray, Grampian and North East Scotland.

"Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." Leonard Cohen.

What Guides Us

We are very passionate about the work we do with people who come to consult with us. We like to help people improve their lives, thinking, emotions, behaviours, body state, relationships, future potential and possibilities. We use some great evidence-based therapies and techniques to help people do this.

Our expert psychotherapists are trained in many different effective therapies and techniques that really work. For example, we help people struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems and much more. So if you're looking to create some really positive change in your life, feel free to get in touch.

Often after the initial consultation, people find that we can give them some very useful ideas and techniques to help them begin to create some positive changes in their life right away. It only takes a matter of weeks to really make progress with the methods and techniques we use.

We would be really happy to hear from you and look forward to meeting you face to face.

Get help now by contacting Tracey Johnston, Director

Tel: 07593768129

or email:


to arrange an

initial consultation.

Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre's Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Aberdeen are all highly skilled, professionally qualified (UK Council for Psychotherapy registered), experienced and very friendly people.  They abide by a professional code of ethics.  All participate in regular supervision and continuous professional development to ensure the provision of highly effective and ethical services.

Please note: we provide a professional service. We do not use volunteer, non-qualified, non-registered counsellors or therapists.

Experience is important too and, although we have helped thousands of people with a very wide range of difficulties, at Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre, we consider each of our clients and their circumstances is very unique.

Sensitive collaboration and confidentiality are key principles; therefore, we tailor our therapeutic services to fit with your needs. 

"We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realise."

Thich Nhat Hanh

Possibilities Counselling, Psychotherapy and Well-Being Centre in Aberdeen also offer consultation, psychotherapy supervision and training for counsellors, psychotherapists and others in the helping professions.

We all experience periods of suffering, painful emotions and problems with living at various points in our lives.  Sometimes these manifest in the form of anxiety, depression, stress, etc.  This is a normal part of being human and alive.  Some of us struggle more with these challenges than others and require a little extra help in the form of therapy. 

Whilst at Possibilities, we might occasionally use 'diagnostic' labels like depression, anxiety and eating disorders, etc, we do so very carefully and lightly as these partial, 'short-hand' and entirely inadequate descriptions of the problems and issues people experience, may or may not be useful. 

We believe these terms can 'minimise' and over-simplify difficulties by tending to locate 'problems' inside us where they easily become confused with our identity and overshadow our abilities and aspirations.  This can be very disempowering and unhelpful.  

"What we need is people who specialise in the impossible."

Theodore Roethke, Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet

We also believe that it is important to pay attention to the psychology of possibility and 'becoming', the context of difficulties and to people's unfolding life stories without which terms, such as depression and anxiety, become quite meaningless lists of symptoms.

In our extensive experience with thousands of people who have risen above their problems, people and problems are much more unique in nature and much more complex than any diagnostic term. For example, no two people experiencing 'depression' are alike as their personalities, abilities, circumstances, life experiences and the associated causes and meanings, are usually very different.

Most emotional or behavioural difficulties that significantly interfere with our day to day existence may be viewed as signs that all is not well and some things in our life need to change.  Therefore, they represent signposts for new directions and new possibilities. Our personal world of difficulties and restraints can be transcended by our possibilities and potentials.

Norman Vincent Peale suggests that we should all: "Become possibilitarians.  No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities - always see them, for they're always there."

Our ultimate aim is to infect millions of people around the world with the 'possibilities' virus!

To find out more about the services provided by Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre Aberdeen or to make an initial consultation appointment, please contact Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director 

tel: 07593768129

or email (click on the email link): info@aberdeentherapy.com

All communications will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

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