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Anger Management CBT Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire for anger management problems ranging from rage and aggression to irritation, frustration and self-harm. A challenging relationship with anger might also appear as: conflict avoidance, unexpressed anger, over-passivity, avoidance and fear of anger in yourself and others.  

Are you having frequent angry outbursts or inbursts? Is your problem anger hurting your relationships and you? Do little things set you off? Do you suffer from road rage? Do you feel like a pressure cooker? Are your relationships at home and work suffering? Are you angry about how you feel? Have you been physically aggressive? Are you often angry with your self and ashamed? Are you frightened of becoming angry? Do you believe that even feeling anger is unacceptable? 

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Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you turn things around and improve your life.

If you have problems with anger management and with being angry then you may have other associated issues, such as: stress, anxiety, worry, depression, trauma or post-traumatic stress (PTSD), social anxiety, excessive shyness, low self esteem, bereavement, grief and loss plus relationship problems.

Why is it important to manage anger?

If you're being managed by anger or worries about angry feelings, it is important to note that frequent angry outbursts and non-processed anger can seriously compromise your well-being, family relationships, and other relationships.

Research tells us that people with problem anger and anger management difficulties tend to experience more physical health problems such as digestive difficulties, immune system problems and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.  Problem anger also adversely impacts on your mental-well-being.

People with persistent problem anger often die young! Yikes!

Isn't anger normal?

Anger is a normal human emotion that we all experience to varying degrees in its many forms  It can be quite helpful in terms of motivating us and preparing our bodies and minds for action in stressful situations.

Anger is quite a complicated emotion as it involves a range of experiences, including physical sensations, motivations, ways of thinking and interacting. Anger is often attached to other emotions like fear, disgust, shame and hurt plus strong beliefs related to beliefs about some form of personal injustice.  

Anger and your relationship with it become problematic when your life is being compromised by its presence. You may find yourself on a hair-trigger or 'bottle-up' your frustrations then eventually explode or implode. You may even believe that your angry outbursts are outside of your control. Otherwise, you may internalise your anger, have problems expressing it, and avoid disagreements or conflicts.

Western industrialised cultures seems to value and encourage competitiveness, envy and comparison to others who are achieving more or have more and the myth that you need more in order to find happiness. This spawns widespread disappointment, irritation, a 'them and us' mentality and a deep sense of injustice. Research is concluding that such environments are breeding grounds for frustration, hopelessness and unhappiness.

People who feel unsure, victimised, frustrated and vulnerable to rejection seem more prone to experiencing intense anger and problems managing it.

When should you seek Anger Counselling?

You should consider seeking anger counselling when you are experiencing difficulty controlling or expressing your anger and and it is interfering with your life and adversely affecting your relationships. Often it is the significant people in your life who, out of concern, suggest you need counselling.

How might Anger Counselling help?

Anger counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help you understand your limiting anger patterns, and the needs your anger tries and often fails to meet in you. 

Counselling can also help you to develop conscious choices, better coping strategies and address associated issues.

How do you make an appointment?

To make an appointment for Anger Management Counselling or CBT or to make an inquiry, please contact Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director 

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All communications will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

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