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Life Coaching Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Life Coaching Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire can help you live more successfully.

Are you feeling stuck, bored, lost, confused or stressed? Is it time for change? What do you want and what is stopping you? What should you do with your life? What are your Possibilities? 

Positive Psychology Life Coaching and 2P2R approach can help you achieve positive tangible changes to your happiness and life situation. Learn how to be the best you can be. Develop courage and confidence. Change the habits of a life-time. Find out what you value most and act on it.  Learn how to manage dilemmas, obstacles, doubts, fears and uncertainties. 

We can help you unlock your potential, help you open up your possibilities and take the first steps forward in order to get more out of your life. 

Get help now by contacting Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director 

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Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.

"When the World says 'Give up', hope whispers 'Try it one more time'."

What does Life Coaching involve?

Personal life coaching provides you with the opportunity to consider what is important to you. Coaching incorporates Positive Psychology and helps develop your motivation and to take the steps you need to take into the life you would like to have. 

"Life coaching was an amazing experience for me. It helped me focus on what is really important and to kick-start some significant changes in my life. I'm now living a brighter and more fulfilling life." David (35).

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- Find a new way forward. Create the outcomes that you want.

- Focus on what is most important.

- Overcome any obstacles in order to get what you want.

- Be more successful and have more fun!

- Improve your confidence and self-esteem.

- Manage stress.

- Develop better work/life balance.

- Making a big decision.

- Managing a crisis.

- Dealing with a business dilemma.

- Make relationship decisions.

- Improve your relationships.

- Increase flexibility.

- Overcome procrastination, fear and anxiety.

- Enhance your health and well-being.

- Become more motivated, focused and effective.

- Manage your time and goals.

- Create space for what you value in life.

- Build a life worth living.

How do you make a Life Coaching appointment?

To make an appointment for Life Coaching in Aberdeen or inquiry, please contact Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director 

tel: 07593768129

or email (please click on email link):

All communications will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

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