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  • waiting shed

    Meeting Inspiration and Hope at a Bus Stop in Aberdeen

    As we find ourselves in the middle of autumn with the daily delivery of more leaves at our feet, I often turn my thinking towards the preparation for many months of cold weather. On a good day, I imagine afternoons snuggled up with hot chocolate and a good book with the wind howling outside. On […]

  • overthinking

    Overthinking in Imagination Land

    Do you find yourself thinking ahead? Do you often describe yourself as an over-thinker? The trouble with overthinking and thinking ahead is that it seems to rob us of the present moment. However, apart from the loss of being able to appreciate the present, the issue is how much time we spend in the ‘imagination […]

  • relaxing moment

    The Land of Possibilities

    How do we get to the ‘land of possibilities’? Does anyone have a map? Well, perhaps not a tangible map, but perhaps a few clues to help us explore and imagine who and what’s there. I imagine it would be a land full of ‘appreciative noticer’s’, overcomers and encouragers. Perhaps the inhabitants would be appreciative […]


Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.

Helen Keller