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We all need support every now and then. At Possibilities we’re dedicated to helping you ‘Feel Better, Relate Better, and Live Better’ with our ‘enhanced’ counselling and psychotherapy services.

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Seeking help can be challenging and very beneficial. Taking the first ‘taster’ step is the quickest way to begin. Call Possibilities now for your ‘initial consultation’ on 07593768129

Seeking help can be challenging and very beneficial. Taking the first ‘taster’ step is the quickest way to begin. Call Possibilities now for your ‘initial consultation’ on 07593768129

  • Want to talk?
    We’re here to help

    Arrange your 'initial consultation'
    appointment today. Contact Tracey Johnston, Psychotherapist (UKCP reg) / Clinical Director.
    Call 07593768129

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Are you feeling Anxious? Depressed? Stressed? Traumatised? Is your relationship in trouble? Possibilities Counselling for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is tailored to meet your needs.

Possibilities aim is to provide you with the best therapeutic care to help you ‘feel better, relate better and live better’ for a better life and a better world. This is our purpose.

We offer the finest therapies ‘enhanced’ with the latest developments in research and therapy methods to supply you with the essential knowledge, skills, advice and support required to improve your life and relationships.

Our ‘enhanced’ counselling approaches create more therapeutic possibilities to achieve better outcomes for you.

“Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.” Joseph Campbell, Professor.

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’Enhanced’ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety and Anxiety Counselling

Are you troubled by worry, doubt and feeling on edge? Anxiety can easily get out of hand. Excessive worrying, social anxiety, health anxiety, trauma, stress and panic attacks can hold you back. Our specialist psychotherapists and counsellors provide ‘enhanced’ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for anxiety and counselling to help you manage anxiety and reclaim your life.

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’Enhanced’ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Depression and Depression Counselling

Are you feeling down, stuck and experiencing difficulty coping with everyday life? Depression is not a ‘thing’, it is a complex and poorly understood inter-play of problems and meanings. Our ‘enhanced’ cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sessions target what’s depressing you, show you how to manage issues, help you build resilience, better prepare you for future challenges and help you create a life worth living.

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Couples Counselling and Marriage Guidance

Are you experiencing problems in your couple relationship related to communication, arguments, betrayals, affairs, trust, intimacy problems, relationship staleness, feeling rejected, alone, stuck and unloved? Possibilities Couples Therapy services offer powerful ways of helping you create the loving relationship you need. Our couple’s counsellors appreciate every marriage and relationship has its own unique challenges.

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Marriage Counselling

Is your marriage struggling? With almost half of all marriages in the UK ending in divorce, marriage counselling is becoming an increasingly popular option for couples who want to successfully resolve their relationship problems rather than opt for separation. Our marriage guidance counsellors will work closely with you to help you create a relationship that works better for you and brings the spark back.

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Loss and Bereavement Counselling

Are you struggling with loss, grief and bereavement? Have you lost a loved one, relative, friend, pet or job and experiencing difficulty coping? A grief reaction is a natural part of loss and bereavement. With our new therapeutic methods, our counsellors can support you and help you adapt to the loss whilst maintaining connection to what you hold precious.

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Anger Management CBT Counselling and Aggression Management

Are you often frustrated, easily irritated, tense, angry and aggressive? Do you have difficulty controlling, bottling up or expressing anger? Is your anger hurting your relationships and you? In addition to techniques for regaining control of anger and aggression, we can help you change your relationship with anger and attend to any underlying issues.

And the day came when the risk (it took) to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin

Want to talk? We’re here to help

To arrange an ‘initial consultation’ today.
Contact Tracey Johnston, Psychotherapist (UKCP reg). Call 07593768129

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What our previous clients have said

I experienced severe trauma and developed a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which meant I wasn’t coping well with day to day life. With CBT Therapy at Possibilities, I’ve made a number of positive changes. It was a struggle at times but my psychotherapist helped me feel safe and capable as we worked through things. I’m now back at work and my confidence is growing. I have a life again. I’m so glad I took that scary first step and called. If you’re feeling unsure, I highly recommend you call them too.

– JT, Aberdeenshire: Trauma Counselling Aberdeen.

I thought my life wasn’t worth living. My depression convinced me I was worthless and useless and my situation was hopeless. If you’re feeling something similar, go to Possibilities. They made an enormous difference to my life and they can do the same for you.

– AD, Aberdeen: Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy for Depression.

My relationship with my partner has vastly improved. We’re more able to communicate and we’re spending more time together and having fun! I can’t believe we were on the verge of separating when we contacted Possibilities as a last resort. I can’t thank them enough.

– SMcM, Aberdeenshire: Couples Counselling Aberdeen.


Possibilities was outstanding. I’ve overcome my anxiety and have the tools to keep it at bay should I need them in the future.

– MK, Aberdeen: CBT Therapy for Anxiety.

About Possibilities: offering a difference that makes the difference

‘Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre Aberdeen’ is a leading independent psychotherapy and wellbeing service.
Possibilities provides people of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire with:

  • The most experienced (10,000 to 40,000 therapy hours) and specialist psychotherapists who, having successfully helped many thousands of people, are more than ready to help you too.
  • Psychotherapists trained at the UK’s most prestigious therapy institutions and hand-selected for their expertise, compassion, professionalism and therapy successes.
  • Psychotherapists fully qualified at least to postgraduate MA level and professionally registered with UKCP. All have regularly up-dated CRB checks for your safety and peace of mind.
  • ‘Individualised’ and specialist counselling, CBT, psychotherapy and couples counselling to overcome a wide range of issues, dilemmas and difficulties.
  • Therapies ‘enhanced’ with thepsychology of possibility”, neuroscience and the best up-to-date and effective psychological methods and psychotherapy techniques to best help you.
  • Fast response times for you: we aim to see you within one to three weeks from initial contact.
  • Therapies built around you specifically. We’ll spend time understanding your needs and then help you gently move toward your preferred future.
  • Psychotherapy supervision and training offered to professionals, as well as consultancy for organisations looking to support their staff further.

Arrange a ‘taster’ pre-therapy ‘initial consultation’ session to discover if therapy with us will help

Arrange an initial consultation, a ‘taster’ pre-therapy’ meeting with one of our friendly psychotherapists to discuss your concerns, obtain a better sense of what’s involved in therapy and how we can help. It’s much, much more than ‘just talking’. You can then make a more informed decision about whether or not to begin therapy.

We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realise.

Thich Nhat Hanh

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Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.

Helen Keller


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November 3, 2018

The Land of Possibilities

How do we get to the ‘land of possibilities’? Does anyone have a map? Well, perhaps not a tangible map, but perhaps a few clues to help us explore and imagine who and what's there. I imagine it would be a land full of ‘appreciative noticer’s’, overcomers and...

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