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As we find ourselves in the middle of autumn with the daily delivery of more leaves at our feet, I often turn my thinking towards the preparation for many months of cold weather. On a good day, I imagine afternoons snuggled up with hot chocolate and a good book with the wind howling outside. On a bad day, I imagine the days getting shorter, less sunshine and the sky as grey as the Aberdeen granite.

So how do we get ourselves through the winter months, not just the cold weather and dark days? How do we get ourselves through the hardships and the stresses that every day can bring? Life’s adversities do not exactly happen in a planned fashion and often we are not prepared for them.

Just as life’s adversities come out of the blue, often so does inspiration and hope. Take this for instance….

I was waiting in the rain at a bus stop in Aberdeen and got chatting to the elderly man also waiting there. He told me he was 94 years old galloping towards 95! He was very spritely and even insisted I get on the bus before him. This gentleman reminisced about his time in the Second World War and also thoughtfully remembered his lost loved ones. Being respectfully curious I was interested in knowing what it was that kept him going on through adversity and what was helping him describe himself as ‘galloping towards 95’. He told me how he had learned that each day is precious, but it also has enough within it to think about. He wisely said, “I learned a long time ago to only make plans for today and the next day…. beyond that is too far to consider. Anyway, how do you know ‘how’ you will be then?” He went on to say that he also went for a walk three times a day…”It’s good for your bones you know, and your mind”. Wise words indeed!

I told this gent that I could be doing with him in my Psychotherapy room, as we could all do with a reminder to appreciate each day and be present in it!

Until the next time.

Yours in hope,


Tracey Johnston
Psychotherapist/Aberdeen Director
Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre Aberdeen