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Anger Management Therapy at Possibilities for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Need help managing anger? Arrange an ‘initial consultation’ with our friendly team today or call 07593768129

Need help managing anger? Arrange an ‘initial consultation’ with our friendly team today or call 07593768129

Anger is difficult to control. We can help you manage it

Anger becomes a problem when it’s expressed in aggressive or harmful ways towards others or towards yourself.  You may struggle to manage anger in response to feeling frustrated, irritated, wronged, unfairly treated, stressed, overwhelmed or attacked. Anger management therapy counselling and our ‘enhanced’ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for anger can help you regain control and deal with your issues more effectively. The counselling we offer is ‘enhanced’ with the latest developments in anger psychology research and psychotherapy methods.

How does anger management counselling help?

Our anger management counselling and ‘enhanced’ cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) helps you understand your anger and shows you how to manage it. We’ll help you learn how to manage your frustration, anger and aggression in healthy ways that don’t damage you or those around you.

Problem anger is not easy to control, especially if you’ve been struggling to deal with it for a number of years. We can help you find a way forward.

Is my anger normal?

Anger is a normal and important human emotion that everyone experiences to varying degrees. It is not who you are. Anger is often a physical and emotional response to perceived threat, frustration or unfairness. It can take many forms such as resentment, upset or rage.

Problem anger manifests in three main ways:

  1. Unhelpful angry and aggressive behaviours including threatening, shouting, swearing, banging doors, hitting, punching walls, physical violence and verbal abuse.
  2. It can also take the form of passive-aggressive behaviours like sarcasm, sulking, ignoring others, manipulation, lies, put-downs, refusing to speak and deliberately doing things poorly to annoy others.
  3. Inward anger and aggression such as punching yourself, head-banging, self-harming, saying that you hate yourself, cutting yourself off from others and denying yourself basic things like food, sleep, also taking drugs or alcohol to numb out feelings.

All emotions have good and bad points. If you have a good reason to feel angry because, for example, someone has hurt you, then this is an understandable reaction. Anger is fine when expressed appropriately; however, it becomes problematic when you lose control, become aggressive, “bottle-up” frustrations, or internalise feelings and don’t express them. These are clear signs that your anger is becoming unmanageable and unhelpful.

Anger is a complex emotion and often linked to other issues, such as the masking of: depression, guilt, trauma, shame, anxiety, unmet needs and unresolved past problems.

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Why is it important to manage anger?

Anger taps into the fight or flight response in our bodies. While this response is healthy and natural, being in this state repeatedly can take a serious toll on your health, both physically and mentally. Research suggests that chronic problem anger in men and women is often associated with heart disease and other health issues.

Issues with relationships and family breakdowns as a result of angry outbursts can also affect your emotional wellbeing, health and quality of life. So problem anger is a very serious issue on multiple levels.

When should you seek anger counselling?

You should consider seeking anger counselling when you experience difficulty controlling or expressing your anger, especially if it’s interfering with your life and adversely affecting your relationships.

Sometimes, the significant people in your life will suggest you need anger management counselling. If this is the case, it’s worth accepting you may have an issue and should seek an initial consultation from our experienced experts for advice and support.

Next Steps

Allow us to reassure you that professional help is at hand. We offer services that aim to reduce the fear and uncertainty about getting help. Arrange an initial consultation ‘taster’ session to discuss your needs, in privacy and comfort, to obtain a sense of how we help and for if this is the right direction for you.

Need help managing anger? Contact our friendly team today: email or call 07593768129

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  • I experienced severe trauma and developed a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which meant I wasn’t coping well with day to day life. With CBT Therapy at Possibilities, I’ve made a number of positive changes. It was a struggle at times but my psychotherapist helped me feel safe and capable as we worked through things. I’m now back at work and my confidence is growing. I have a life again. I’m so glad I took that scary first step and called. If you’re feeling unsure, I highly recommend you call them too.

    – JT, Aberdeenshire: Trauma Counselling Aberdeen.

  • I thought my life wasn’t worth living. My depression convinced me I was worthless and useless and my situation was hopeless. If you’re feeling something similar, go to Possibilities. They made an enormous difference to my life and they can do the same for you.

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  • My relationship with my partner has vastly improved. We’re more able to communicate and we’re spending more time together and having fun! I can’t believe we were on the verge of separating when we contacted Possibilities as a last resort. I can’t thank them enough.

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  • Possibilities was outstanding. I’ve overcome my anxiety and have the tools to keep it at bay should I need them in the future.

    – MK, Aberdeen: CBT Therapy for Anxiety.

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